Online marketing help for local businesses. Your businesses fingerprint is your NAP+W
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Why What and How effective social marketing


As a local business, you face challenges with local search, email, social media, and online advertising. These digital challenges can be overwhelming!

What you want is to have digital marketing to attract customers, build customer loyalty, and grow your business. But you are also trying to run your business and learning what works and what doesnt can be a daunting task.


Every local business needs a good Facebook page. A good Facebook page will help people find you on Facebook and increase your listing in other search engines like Google. A good business Facebook page also builds relationships with customers and encourages repeat business


By optimizing your Facebook page with the main ingredient that google and other search engines are looking for you can increase your viability.

Every business has a “fingerprint” that identifies it online. It’s called your NAP which stands for Name, Address, and Phone number it has also been called NAP+W when your website address is included.

• For best search rank, your NAP must be consistent everywhere across all your online venues

• Name – Use same name as on signs, etc. Don’t add geographic or legal terms.  

• Address – Use real-world validated street address, do not use PO boxes.

• Phone – Use a local area-code number, do not use toll-free or tracking numbers.

• Web – Use the home page of your website, you main homepage not a landing page

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