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Copywriting tips for advertising

No one cares about you (the business), they only care about themselves! What does that mean to you? You need to make it very clear what the customer is getting, it should not be about YOU!


Focus on what THE CUSTOMER will get, on how THEY will feel. Focus on how ThEY can benefit from buying from you or using your service. 


Typically the headline is the trigger that causes people to open the email, click the link, or click the ad. Your Headline is really the most import part of the copywriting process because if they don't click the link there's really no point in writing anything. 

Tip: Having a great headline makes writing the article easier to write. 

A tip before you being writing is to create 4-10 subject lines, typically I write about 10 and when I look at them to begin writing one will jump out and help me to continue. 

Here is a formula to help you generate headlines.

What is the result you want? ______________________________

Objection: ____________________________________________

Time Frame: ___________________________________________



Plan you article using AIDA: 





What is the right tone?

It is hard for people to write in one sentence what their company does, business owners always seem to stream out confusing buzz words that really don't make sense to the average person. Then the potential clients walk away confused and really does not have any idea what you do.

If you just simply pull out your phone and have a conversation with yourself you should be able to explain in no more than 3 sentences. Preferably just one. 


Write like you speak

Stay congruent with your personality, don't try to be someone your not. Your writing will come off as strange.

If it takes more than 3 sentences to explain what you do you are over complicating it. 



Dawn Avery
Creative Marketing Clinic