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Small Business Pages and Feature

Small Business Pages and Features

Facebook Insights:

The free analytics provided by Facebook are something all small business owners should take a look at on regular bases. You may notice a drastic change in your organic reach and engagement metrics over a short period of time. Organic reach- who sees your post without paying for it.

Facebook Targeting:

Facebook has incredibly advanced (yet simple) targeting features within it's Ad Manager. Along with a under-discussed free tool, Facebook targeting option for organic posts, which can be used to improve the relevancy of a post.


The CTA button located right under the cover photo on a Facebook page is a great tool for a small business to create CTA opportunities. Yes, you should be updating your page and cover photos regularly but don't forget this little gem. 

Instant Replies:

Businesses can use instant replies to auto-reply to messages on their pages. This is a chat bot that will tell the user that the business is closed when is best to reach the business or any other message the business chooses for incoming messages on Facebook. 

Native Formating:

When posting to facebook, admins can not only adjust the title and description but they can also schedule the post and see how it will display on desktop and mobile. 



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