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Basic 5 Rules to Rock on Instagram

The old saying build it and they will come, does not do well when dealing with Social Media. You must build it, you must fill it and you must be SOCIAL to get people to come visit but more importantly is come and visit and engage with you and your message.

So now you have an Instagram account.

What’s next? Convert all your content to pictures of goods and services? Flood your page with memes and funny videos and mix them up with posts which help you sell? Comment posts of your competitors’ followers?


It takes just a couple of seconds to assess an Instagram account: you read a description, quickly look through feed and decide if it is of interest to you or not. How to grab a potential client’s attention? Of course, with a well-written bio!

First, it is necessary to remember that only two things are important with respect to Instagram account search — name and username. That is all. Therefore, it is so important for your business name or brand name to be written correctly — it will impact your placement in the search results.

Be sure to write about your business in the Bio area of Instagram. Use keywords which make the description of goods and services more precise and make them interesting for potential customers.

Read your bio if it grabs your attention then you are good, if you must ask yourself what they do, you need to rethink what is written and spend the time to create an attention-grabbing bio using keywords.

Link to the website

While you should always have a website for your business, the link in Instagram can be as simple as a link to your blog, YouTube channel or Facebook profile, where a person can text you a message immediately upon pressing Write a Message button.

You can also add a link to the goods of the week, a sale, a competition or an action - all that can attract customer’s attention and make him/her at minimum more interested in your business and at maximum — buy something of your products.

Add a CTA (call to action) to your Bio for better tracking.


First of all, your Instagram feed should look nice and better yet — appealing. How to achieve it? Here are some pieces of advice:

  1. High-quality photos. You do not need professional photos, but they should be interesting, beautiful and the most important — vivid. Currently real-life pictures portraying your everyday business life are better the stock images.
  2. Color scheme. Set the mood of your feed. Use pastel shades or, vice versa, bright loud colors. The most important is the integral style. There is a website that can help you determine your color scheme: just enter the link to your Instagram account in the field and learn what colors prevail and what shades you need to stick to.
  3. Diversity. Don’t make your Instagram account look like a sales page. It looks tasteless and heartless. Potential customers what to see your personality, share business stories and your customers thank-you letters, tell jokes, show the production process, mix up posts of products on sale with entertaining and informational ones.


Posts calling for action motivate followers not only to like posts but to write comments as well. Getting people to interact with you on Instagram is the key. If you interact with people on Instagram they will most likely interact on your page. Again: Key to social media is being social.  Try to reply to your followers quickly and in good time not to make them wait for too long. Replying within one working day is perfect. Don’t forget about humor, everybody likes and appreciates communication. It helps create warm relationships between you and your customers and allows to develop efficient cooperation.

And, of course, don’t forget about Direct messages. Write welcome messages to your followers and check new chats as often as you can, because this is Direct where customers write to learn about goods or services in detail. You don’t need to restrict yourself from giving details and being thoughtful — there is a huge amount of room for the individual approach to each follower.


Upload new content regularly: Every Day, reply to comments and try to make posts on schedule (Every Day), the best time is when your audience’s activity is most intense. If you do not add new posts for several days running, this may affect negatively the recognition and sales: your followers will not see you on their feed and when the break gets longer, some of them can even unsubscribe when they see a new post after a long lull.

In a few words

There is a lot of advice provided on how to manage you Instagram account. The best advise we can provide you with is to be sure your names are correct and relevant, be sure to optimize your Bio area and post content regularly. Interesting and well-written bio.

1.   Link to your blog, channel or website.

2.   Integral and beautiful content mixed up with jokes, news, and appealing or useful posts.

3.   Communication with customers. This is, we think, one of the key factors to make a success of your business.

4.   Stability. The feed that has new content will not let customers forget about you and the audience coverage during peak hours will give you the opportunity to get new followers.

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