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Creative Marketing Clinic, a social media digital marketing management company creating a buzz for small businesses and individuals around the country. 

Social Media requires the know how to gain exposure for your company, we do this by utilizing the tools available to assist current clients and new ones. Our goal is to get you exposure while engaging and monitoring your online reputation. 

In the digital world, there is an awful lot of trends to keep up with to successfully market your company.  We have found over time, the problem is, most small businesses and individuals get frustrated with all the different tasks needed to be performed along with all the new rules and eventually they just stop logging in.
Creative Marketing Clinic was created to assist you with all those tasks. It is not that you can’t do it yourself, YOU CAN, what we do is eliminate the additional work it will add to your day. WE DO IT FOR YOU SO YOU CAN RUN YOUR BUSINESS!
We have worked for companies in a variety of fields and at a variety of levels: Do it your self-digital marketing, Do it with you digital marketing and Do it for you digital marketing. Some business owners work side by side with us while others just let us handle it all, and some business owners want to do it themselves so we create the content they need. We have created several packages to choose from to not only make your life easier but to make the cost reasonable.


Creative Marketing Clinic