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Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” –Seth Godin

A little about me…

Growing up in a the dry cleaning industry taught me a few important things. 1. I really liked having my clothes dry cleaned. 2. You have to be nice to people because you really never know what they are going through. 3. Sometimes you have to do the hard things. It also pushed me to go to school and learn something different. So I did, that is when I really fell in love with computers and all they had to offer, I have always loved the latest and greatest technology, it seemed to be a perfect fit.

One day I thought to myself, well this is not going to work, I liked the interaction with people more then I liked sitting in a cubicle coding every day with very little human contact. I was lucky because right about that time the Internet was gaining speed and businesses needed website’s! It felt like a perfect fit, design websites for small businesses, those small businesses just happened to be dry cleaners, it was what i knew.

So as time went on and online advertising became a thing, then social websites were gaining traction and then Digital Marketing was real, and that is when Creative Marketing Clinic, a social media digital marketing management company came to be a reality.

My job is to creating a buzz for small businesses and individuals around the country along with staying one step a head of the next new thing so my clients are on the forefront of all the new marketing technology available. From digital marketing, Facebook ads, Facebook chat bots, Instagram ads, google ads, website development, email marketing, SMS and MMS marketing, and SEO. I also work at developing Alexa Skills, Google Assistant skills, beacon technology and checking out AI.

Our goal is to get you exposure while engaging and monitoring your online reputation. 

In the digital world, there is an awful lot of trends to keep up with to successfully market your company.  We have found over time, the problem is, most small businesses and individuals are always running towards the shiny new thing and are never consistent with what they are already working on. Then they get frustrated with all the different tasks needed to be performed along with all the new rules and eventually they just stop logging in.

Creative Marketing Clinic was created to assist you with all those tasks. It is not that you can’t do it yourself, YOU CAN, what we do is eliminate the additional work it will add to your day. WE DO IT FOR YOU SO YOU CAN RUN YOUR BUSINESS!
We have worked for companies in a variety of fields and at a variety of levels: Do it your self-digital marketing, Do it with you digital marketing and Do it for you digital marketing. Some business owners work side by side with us while others just let us handle it all, and some business owners want to do it themselves so we create the content they need. We have created several packages to choose from to not only make your life easier but to make it affordable for any business.


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